Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises - (2012)


Bane, a brutally ruthless terrorist leader, executes a sinister plan to tear apart Gotham and Batman's legacy piece by piece. Physically and spiritually pushed to the edge, Bruce Wayne must rediscover himself to 'Rise' and save his city.

Our Review:

So yes the little kid in me is why I love these super hero movies... I originally had very high expectations for "Batman Begins" and of course was not let down. "The Dark Knight Rises" blew me away. What a film!

The talented cast... Christian Bale makes his return as the great Batman. Michael Cain gives a powerful performance, can somebody nominate this guy for an Oscar?  Anne Hathaway as Cat-woman steals the show for me... The actors /actresses are just great, the dynamic dialogue between the actors are so well done, and very well written. The Dark Knight Rises is riveting.

The run time was about 3 hours, during which time the film does not bore you at all. The movie's action sequences were executed flawlessly and did not disappoint. The dialogue between the character's are intelligent and highly believable. The movie's soundtrack is terrific and really exemplify's many of the movie's scenes. Extremely well editing and sound use really develop many of the movie's action scenes, so it's not just explosions and visuals like in many other movies. Nolan again creates a grand, dirty, engrossing world, and his action sequences just run like a well oiled machine.

This film is a reminder to us all that great writing and direction can enhance any movie-going experience, even superhero movies, which are usually thought of as mindless entertainment. I am wholly satisfied with Christopher Nolan's vision and thank all who worked on this film for bringing such an intricate interpretation of its very famous literary source. An absolute must see! With that all said...

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