Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mama - (2013)


Mama starts off as your average horror story. It is produced by Guillermo del Toro, whom I am a big fan of. The trailer was what originally got me interested in that it was a pretty good one, so I came into this with some pretty high expectations. I won't say that I was completely dissapointed but... Eh.

There are substantial stunning visuals and the film does deliver quite a few scares. Its one of those few horror movies that you can actually enjoy as there is a good balance of jumps and suspense. The weird figure that moves at unnatural speed is creepy but fresh in the sense that its different and creates that supernatural stage. It works.

Remember this is a film that was originally born and stretched out from a short movie. Many of the extra additions work well with the existing bits of film, and there are some that didn't really work well, Maybe you won't notice it? I think that a few of the flashbacks didn't make much sense at all coupled with the inconsistencies.

I guess the challenge of building on the original ideas of the movie and changing into a full length feature distorts and detracts from the story line and visuals of the movie. 

In the end I would say wait for the streaming version instead of heading to the theaters to watch this. I shant spoil the ending for you!

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